I earned my bachelor’s degree in a Jewelry Design; in addition to that, I also studied Resource Management of Clothing and Textiles. Both specialities have not only developed and fueled my creativity but have also given me the knowledge and deep appreciation for garments and materials.

Before graduating I was working (and continued working)  in a model agency in Switzerland. It was the first introduction to the world of fashion.

After graduating, I was working as the assistant to the Beauty and Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan magazine. During my tenure as an assistant at Cosmopolitan, I was offered the position of Fashion Editor. Since then I have acquired experience in doing various fashion editorials (from concept to production) as well still-life for Cosmopolitan and other magazines.

I am naturally good at multi-tasking and organizing; in fact, if I had superpowers it would be those two skill sets. I like to do things as close as I can to near perfection; that is my inclination. I have a very good eye for details. I enjoy working individually and also in a team where different people with diverse creative skill sets work towards the same goal. I love styling, a lot. For me, it means creating beauty and giving ideas and inspiration to the customers.